May 12, 2015 – Unusual Day Nesting of Leatherback in Hillsborough, Carriacou


The leatherback turtle diligently disguises the location of her nest. This is an important part of her post-nesting behavior, ensuring as much as possible that the eggs may hatch several weeks later undisturbed by predators

In May this year a leatherback female turtle crawled up Hillsborough town beach in full day and laid her precious eggs under the eyes of a crowd of about fifty people; most were in awe, many recording the event with their cell and iPad, but a couple…just waiting for the crowd to dissipate to poach the eggs!


Photographers, journalists, fishery officer, teachers, students and mothers followed attentively the slow acrobatics of this endangered creature, whose species, Dermochelys coriacea, is known to science to have lived in the era of dinosaurs


KIDO Turtle Team was called into action.
At the end of the nesting and turtle tagging process, the same ‘would-be-poachers’ helped us to dig out a bucketful of 94 eggs that we relocated to a safer area of the beach away from town!


Mommy Leatherback goes back to the Ocean. She may be back to nest in a couple of years and may travel as far North as Nova Scotia or to South African waters ! Leatherbacks feed mainly and massively on jellyfish.

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