Nesting Sea Turtles & Recycled Plastic Bottles Boat

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News from KIDO Planet: Nesting sea turtles & recycled plastic bottles boat

Our 2015 nesting sea turtles season is almost over, leatherback, hawksbill and green turtles have nested on our monitored beaches.

The highlight of the season was the rescue, tag and release of a leatherback mother poached by two fishers.

Kids with Cameras rescue poached leatherback turtle

Our Kids with Cameras group was present and very persuasive in this rescue, the kids stared so hard at the two poachers that these guys could not openly request a ransom and had to cut the ropes releasing to us this illegally caught and dragged ashore endangered species, all 700 pounds of her !

5 Leatherback hatchlings were found under a dry Sargassum trap

The same kids also helped us to clear Petit Carenage nesting turtle beach of the excess Sargassum seaweeds, to allow new born hatchlings to safely reach the Ocean.

Kids with Cameras clear Sargassum off Petit Carenage beach

Ironically, once out in the open sea currents, Sargassum floating patches protect and nourish baby turtles, until they are large enough to swim away.

Feel free to watch our video here.

KIDO Summer Cat

A 10×5 ft catamaran, KIDO Summer Cat, was built with the kids help of recycled plastic bottles and other materials.
She successfully made her maiden 5 km sea voyage on the last day of the 50th Carriacou Regatta 2015 and became a model of a recycling plastic project that others can replicate and expand to several creative concepts, for an Ocean and beaches free of Plastics!

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