Adopt a Sea Turtle !

Please consider a donation or Adopt a Sea Turtle to help support our ongoing environmental and educational programs.

The sea turtle population is crashing down, some 90% in the last 10 years, scientists tell us. In order to save them we need to purchase the ones caught legally and alive by fishermen nets.

Once a turtle is purchased, we examine her health, treat her, measure, tag and release the creature back in the ocean. The information collected and the tag numbers are then entered into the WIDECAST (Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network) database – a regional scientific program to monitor, track and protect these critically endangered species.

WIDECAST is comprised of independent, non-profit agencies around the Wider Caribbean Region. All of these agencies operate solely on donations and/or small grant funds.

To date we rescued, tagged and released 326 turtles back to the sea (Green, Hawksbill, Loggerhead & Leatherback), where they can continue to swim free and reproduce. We have verbal agreements from the fishermen to release tagged turtles if they happen to catch them again, as well as reporting to us where they were found.

Kido views its Rescue & Release program as a temporary alleviation of sea turtle population decline until a moratorium on sea turtle hunting is approved by the Government of Grenada.

Watch the video below of a leatherback rescue:

You may also become part of the KIDO Sea Turtle Rescue team by making a donation:

US $100: Adopt a Turtle

  • Helps saving ONE turtle from the pot!

You will receive a KIDO Certificate of Adoption with photos of your adoptee and we will keep you informed of the whereabouts of the turtle you helped to save as soon as such information reaches us.

US $500: Season Rescue Friend

  • Helps saving 5 turtles from the pot!

US $1,000: Friends of the turtle Annual

  • Helps saving turtles from the pot!
  • Sponsors environmental education and promotional materials

And up: Friends of the Turtle Lifetime

  • Helps saving turtles from the pot!
  • Sponsors Kido environmental education & conservation projects, including Kido Nesting Sea Turtle Monitoring                                                                                             

Thank you!


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