BIRDWATCHING, Mangroves enhancement & waste collection study

In November 2015, KIDO Foundation, in collaboration with Grenada Fund for Conservation (GFC) and Education Conservation Outreach (ECO) held a three-day workshop for 14 teachers and educators from Carriacou, with the aim to train the teachers to teach kids how to study, appreciate and conserve the endemic and migratory birds of the Caribbean. This workshop was supported by Birds Caribbean, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and was part of the UNDP/SGP/GEF project “Biodiversity Conservation in Carriacou through Nesting Sea Turtles and Wetland Bird Monitoring”.

In April – May 2016 three teachers from Harvey Vale, Hillsborough and Mt. Pleasant Government schools have so far trained their pupils in Bird Watching & Conservation activities at their schools and in the Bird Sanctuary with technical assistance, materials and equipment provided through KIDO, UNDP and Birds Caribbean.

– Hillsborough Government School Teacher Mr. Guadeloupe brought his lively group of students to practice Bird Watching to Petit Carenage and L’Ilet, part of the Bird and Nesting Turtle Sanctuary, using bird identification techniques, learning to use binoculars and a special telescope from the newly built (and disguised) bird watching platform near main bird feeding area. The group also contributed to the area’s coastal enhancement by planting red mangrove propagules.

– USPCV Mr. Daniel Sharpless brought his 4H Club team from Harvey Vale Government School for multiple activities in the Bird Sanctuary of Petit Carenage including:
1- Bird Watching, using special bird watching equipment, ID cards along the Nature Trails and at the bird watching platform.

2- Collection & Identification of small plastic debris and other waste in two beaches of Carriacou: Petit Carenage, L’ Ilet (part of the Bird and Nesting Turtle Sanctuary, uninhabited, facing North East) and Tyrrell Bay beach (in populated Harvey Vale, in the South West of our island). This activity was part of a wider science project aiming at assessing the ‘Density of plastic debris on inhabited and uninhabited Caribbean Islands’ lead by researcher Dr. Jennifer Lavers, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Australia who had visited Carriacou earlier on.

3- Collection and planting of coastal protection trees: Red Mangroves propagules
– Teacher Devon Matherson, from Mt. Pleasant Government School brought his students to do further training in Bird Watching and ID in Petit Carenage Bird Sanctuary. They also collected and planted plant red mangrove propagules, adding their valuable effort for the protection of the Sanctuary’s eroding coastline. The Mount Pleasant School group also collected a whole bagful of plastic bottles that littered the Nature area.
Several KIDO Foundation youth members from secondary schools also joined in and assisted in our programs, in particular much assistance was provided by cheerful -and always ready to help- Anthony Matheson, of Belview South.
The activities involving the youths and teachers will continue to be promoted in June by KIDO Foundation as part of BirdsSleuth Caribbean and UNDP projects, and into the summer holidays

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