BirdSleuth-Sea Turtle Conservation: Training Trainers Workshop

On 19, 20 & 21 November 2015 KIDO Foundation, in collaboration with Grenada Fund for Conservation (GFC) and Education Conservation Outreach (ECO) held a three-day workshop for 14 teachers and educators from Carriacou. 11 participants received the Certificate of Achievement; the remaining 3 could not be present on the last workshop day and will complete their task at a later date. The training workshop involved 6 Carriacou primary schools, 4H Unit, NADMA and the Ministry of Education personnel. The workshop aimed to train the teacher to teach kids how to study, appreciate and conserve the endemic and migratory birds of the Caribbean. In Carriacou this workshop, which included a chapter on Sea Turtle conservation, was supported by Birds Caribbean, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and was part of the UNDP/SGP/GEF project “Biodiversity Conservation in Carriacou through Nesting Sea Turtles and Wetland Bird Monitoring”.

The Bird Sanctuary in Carriacou is located in the Petit Carenage wetland area, the adjacent beach and mangroves shoreline (a total of approximately 100 acres, part of High North proposed National Park) where critically endangered sea turtles lay their eggs. The Bird Sanctuary and Turtle Nesting Beaches have been recognized as valuable ecotourism sites, as well as prime conservation habitat for a number of endangered species in the Grenadines of Grenada.

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